How a Killer Blog can Increase Traffic and Leads

SEO 3 min read, March 20, 2020
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Let's talk about digital content generation to drive organic traffic and boost conversion rates.

Okay, okay, we'll drop the buzzwords: let's talk about blogging to get people to visit your website and buy your stuff. Does it work? How effective is it, especially for small businesses?

Here's what you should know: blogging is not a quick fix, and it won't increase your profits overnight. However, regular, consistent blogging can be one very effective piece of your digital marketing strategy. It's not hard to do, it doesn't cost anything, and over time it can attract a lot of visitors to your site that wouldn't have come otherwise. 

"Alright, how does this work?" you may ask. This article will discuss how regular blogging can improve on 2 aspects of your business: visibility and value.


First things first: if you want anyone to ever visit your website, you're probably going to need to get in Google's good graces. In other words, your website needs to rank relatively high in Google's SERP (search engine results pages). How can regular blogging help you to accomplish that?

Basically, Google indexes each new blog post that a business publishes to its website. The more pages that Google indexes from a particular website, the more likely it will rank that website as an option for specific search terms. 

Experience teaches us that after about 30 blogs, Google will start to index your web pages to the point that you receive increased traffic to your site. So if you blog at a consistent pace (say, 1 to 3 posts every week), then you may be able to achieve a significant increase in the number of visitors to your site within 3 months!

Of course, it's not enough to publish a ton of blog posts that offer no real value to your readers. Google may be not be human, but it's smart enough to recognize keyword stuffing and cut-rate writing. This is where value comes into the picture. 


SEO is primarily based on two critical factors: relevance and authority. So if you write a ton of blog posts about footwear, for example, then sooner or later Google will view your website as relevant to specific footwear-related searches. However, if you really want to gain an edge in the SERP rankings, then you'll need to boost your blog's authority as well. How so?

To make a long story short, Google views a site as authoritative if a number of other sites link back to it. Think of a blog post that you've shared with a friend or a colleague. You likely shared that post because you considered the content contained therein to have intrinsic value. Maybe it was a blog post that contained a recipe, or step by step instructions on how to fix a mechanical issue with your car. Whatever the case, you gained value from that post.

In the same way, when Google sees that a number of websites link back to a particular blog post, then it starts to consider that original post as authoritative. Each back link is, in effect, a vote from the Internet that the blog post in question is valuable.

Therefore, the best way for your blog post to start generating some serious traffic is for you to provide some real value to your readers. If you know they have specific questions, answer them! If they have pain points, address them! Educate your readers on matters that affect their daily personal and/or professional lives. Over time, your blog's reputation will get shinier and shinier, until even the mighty Google won't be able to ignore it.

Of course, as small business owners many of us barely have enough time to stay on track as it is, much less spend more time keeping up with a blog. If that's your situation, then a digital content provider may be the perfect solution for you. At Everscript, we provide digital content that is specifically tailored to the needs of your audience. We can work with you to help you grow your brand, drive organic traffic, and generate leads.

In short, we can help you rock the blogging world.

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